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Examples of custom covers

What the clocks know
Aftermath of a Murder
The Unborn by Robin Driscoll
Masquerade by S. E. England
Always Golden
Kindle and paperback design
Kinde cover design
Author Banner
Myths, Mothers, and Mystics by Rumer Haven
The Firestone by Francesca Tyer
Aftermath of an Affair by V K McGivney
Fractured Thoughts by Gina Dickerson
The Mystery of Acorn Academy
Cades Home Farm Shani Struthers
Baba Lenka by S E England
Kindle and paperback design
Kindle and paperback design
Carfax House Shani Struthers
Fame and Fortune by Carol Hedges
Kindle and paperback design
Full book design
Kindle and paperback design
Mandy by Shani Struthers
Bespoke hand-painted watercolour
Shani and Rumer
Paperback, Kindle design
Kindle and paperback cover design
Still Warm by Robin Driscoll
Box set
Paperback and Kindle design
Boxed set collection
Rosamund by Shani Struthers
Fear and Phantoms
Boxed Set Kindle edition
Paperback and Kindle cover design
Underleaf - short stories
paperback, Kindle design
Paperback hand-painted art
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